Primary Plan


Year of Manufacture Ten (10) Years and Below

Warranty Summary

Limit per claim: RM5,000 Per Claim
Limit per warranty period: UNLIMITED claim per warranty period
Millage Limit: Unlimited mileage
Period of cover: Up to 7 years

ENGINE Camshaft Intake Camshaft Exhaust
Camshaft Sensor Intake Connecting Rod
Crankshaft Crankshaft Sensor
Cylinder Head Cylinder Block
Eccentric Shaft EGR Valve
Emission Control Air Pump Engine Oil Level Sensor
Engine Vacuum Pump Engine Variable Solenoid Value
Exhaust Valve Intake Manifold
Knock Sensor Intake Valve
Nozzle NOX Sensor
Oil Pressure Sensor Oil Pump
Oxygen Sensor Piston (With Pin Boss & Circlip
Excluding Piston Ring Pressure Regulator Valve
Rocker Arm Tappets
Throttle Body Variable Cam Timing
Valvetronic Motor Waste Gate
TRANSMISSION / GEARBOX All Types of Solenoid Valve Gearbox Control Module
Gear Oil Pump Gear Set 
Gear Shaft Gear Speed Sensor
Mechatronic  Temperature Sensor
Torque Converter Valve Body
ECU  Engine Control Unit Active Steering
STEERING MECHANISM Slip Ring Steering Column 
Steering Motor Steering Motor Adjustment
Steering Pump Steering Rack
AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Air-Cond Compresor Air-Cond Control Module
Air-Cond Temperature Sensor Auxiliary Fan Motor
Blower Motor Stepper Motor